This is a core part of our services and is provided by a qualified and experienced accounting team.

We can assist in the following areas.

  • Annual accounts
  • Periodic accounts
  • Special assignments such as Due Diligence, filing of companies office documents, etc


Some frequently asked questions about accounting are:
  1. Why do you need an accountant
  2. What does my accountant do
  3. How much does my accountant charge
  4. What accounting system should I have
  5. How does my system link with my accountant's system
  6. Who should do my basic accounting work
  7. Why should I prepare 'Periodic Accounts'
  8. What information is required to prepare my annual accounts
  9. What should be my accounting 'Balance Date'
  10. What other legal obligations do I have relating to 'Annual Accounts'
  11. What information and records do I have to file with the Companies Office
  12. What is a Due Diligence
  13. I am buying a business - How will the due diligence be done
  14. What information is required for due diligence

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