As accounting software has become more versatile, easier to use and more affordable, many businesses now have in-house accounting systems. However they do not always get good training or ongoing support from their software providers.

Within our team we have accountants who have the experience and skills to provide training and ongoing support for some selected software. We are an accredited 'Partner' for:

  • Banklink
  • MYOB
  • Workflow Max
  • Xero
Frequently asked questions that our team can assist with include:
  1. What are the preferred or most commonly used accounting software for a business of my size
  2. What are the various costs involved
  3. What training is available
  4. Can a checklist be done for the end of month procedures
  5. Can I upgrade my software and what will it cost
  6. How does Banklink work
  7. Why is Xero becoming so popular
  8. How often should I do backups
  9. How often should I check if the back system works
  10. Do I need to align my in-house accounts with my final end of year accounts prepared by our external accountants
  11. What is the best way to send the accounting information to my accountant



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