Not complying with your Tax Obligations correctly can become an expensive exercise.

There are different types of Penalties and Interest if you get it wrong.

We can help you get it right and be the liaison person between you and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Our experienced accounting team can attend to the following:

  • Tax returns
  • GST returns
  • FBT returns
  • Tax correspondence
  • Wage reconciliation
  • Engaging with IRD on various matters
  • Overdue Tax payment arrangements with IRD
  • Tax Audits
  • Tax implications of different business structures
  • Attending to your Accident Compensation (ACC) requirements
  • Companies office records
  • Minutes & statutory records


Some frequently asked questions about Tax & Compliance that our team can assist with include:
  1. What Tax do I have to pay
  2. When do I pay my Tax
  3. How does the self assessment tax system work
  4. What is GST, what records do I keep and how do pay it to IRD.
  5. What is FBT and do I have to pay it
  6. What Legal documents do I have to keep
  7. How do I do my Wages
  8. What expense deductions do I get
  9. How long do I have to keep my records
  10. When do I have to file my Tax Return
  11. What types of Income are Taxable and what can be Tax Free
  12. What Expenses can I claim to ensure I pay the correct amount of tax
  13. How should my Tax affairs be structured
  14. What are the Penalties for getting it wrong
  15. I have got behind in my Tax Payments - How do I deal with IRD
  16. Will IRD enter in to arrangements to pay tax arrears in instalments
  17. IRD have notified me of a Tax Audit - How do I deal with it
  18. IRD wants to do a GST Audit on one of my GST Returns - How do I deal with it
  19. How is ACC Levy calculated and paid
  20. Explain how the different types of business structures are taxed e.g. Companies, Partnerships, Look-through Company (LTC), Trusts, Estates, Self Employed
  21. I have a Company - What are my obligations under the Companies Act and with the Companies Office


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